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What is OkayFreedom VPN?

OkayFreedom VPN allows you to disguise your location and your IP address, which gives you access to websites and services that are regionally restricted. So-called geographical restrictions or country restrictions are becoming more and more common and restrict your free access to the internet.
In addition OkayFreedom VPN protects your privacy by hiding your true IP address from websites and services you use.

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Privacy Policy


How does OkayFreedom VPN work?

OkayFreedom VPN gives you access to a network of VPN servers, which allows you to replace your IP address with one from our VPN network.
By hiding your IP address, you can make websites and services assume that you are in a different location than you actually are and therefore circumvent geographical locks. By hiding your true IP address, it also provides you with a new level of anonymity and makes tracking you a lot more difficult.


Which countries are available for selection?

Currently you can choose from 19 locations: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA.


Is OkayFreedom VPN legal?

Yes, because OkayFreedom VPN does not violate copyright law. As a user of the service you will be neither subject to punishment, nor can you be prosecuted, when you bypass these, according to copyright law, "not effective restrictions" (for example country restrictions with YouTube).


How much data/traffic is available to me?

The free version of OkayFreedom VPN includes 2 GB of traffic per month. If you need more traffic, you can purchase a Premium Flat license for unlimited traffic: OkayFreedom VPN Premium Flat.


Does OkayFreedom VPN only work in a browser?

No. OkayFreedom works with any application on your PC that accesses the internet, not just your browser.


Can I use OkayFreedom VPN on more than one computer?

You can use a Premium Flat license on one computer at a time. If you want to transfer your license to a new PC, please enter your serial number there, and the license will be moved to the new machine.


Are there restrictions that I need to observe?

To install OkayFreedom VPN you need administrator privileges on your PC.


Why is OkayFreedom free?

Your encrypted traffic is routed through protected OkayFreedom servers, therefore your trust in us as a VPN provider is essential. Operation of these specially secured servers is partially paid for by ads in the free version of OkayFreedom. In accordance with our privacy policy we strictly enforce that our advertising partners do not have access to web addresses and content accessed by identifiable VPN users. Users of the paid version of OkayFreedom will not get ads.

If the ads are bothering you, you can close them by clicking on the "X" symbol next to "Ads by OkayFreedom". Most of our advertising partners also allow you to completely opt-out ot the ads, for example with another button next to the "X" symbol or with a link in the lower right of your browser.

The Premium Flat version is completely free of ads.


Price check

Saving money when shopping online without doing any extra searching? Yes, that is possible. When you check out the product you are looking for in one shop, we help you find the best price for it!


How do I remove the ads displayed by OkayFreedom in my browser?

The ads displayed in your browser by free versions of OkayFreedom help finance the VPN servers that are necessary for OkayFreedom to work.

If these ads are bugging you, you can remove them through the following two methods:

1) Uninstall OkayFreedom and remove its browser plugins. After uninstalling it no more ads will be displayed by OkayFreedom.
2) Buy the premium version of OkayFreedom that does not contain any ads and provides you with unlimited data volume. The premium version can be found here.


System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 10 / 8 / 7
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • min. 1 GB of RAM
  • Internet connection



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